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thermal interface materials for electronic power device or transistor cooling

We are a thermal interface material manufacturer, die cut converter and designer of thermal management materials for electronic cooling. We offer an extensive line of standard thermal management materials as well as custom thermal material formulations, constructions and die cut designs targeted towards specific thermal application requirements. 

Our standard thermal management products are readily available in rolls, sheets or die cuts designed to meet your thermal performance or installation process objectives.

To get started, please click on a product logo from one of the thermal material brands below:

thermally conductive silicone films and gap pad die cuts
Silicone Films | Gap Pads
- Thermally Conductive Silicone Films
- Thermally Conductive Gap Pads
- Ultra-Soft Thermally Conductive Pads
- Silicone-Free Thermal Pads
- Dispensable Gap Fillers
thermally conductive phase-change kapton mt film die cuts
60C Phase Change | Kapton MT
- Dielectric Phase-Change Solution
- Range of PCM Coating Thicknesses
- Reliable TIM Insulation Design
- Excellent Mechanical Properties
- Multiple Compositions Available
thermally conductive phase change thermal interface film for microprocessor and memory modules
45C Phase Change | Free Standing
- Free Standing Phase-Change Film
- Ultra Low Thermal Impedance
- Easy to Apply to a Range of Surfaces
- Excellent Replacement for Greases
- Range of Thickness Options Available
Thermally Conductive Anisotropic Graphite Foils
Anisotropic Thermal Graphite Foils
- High In-Plane Thermal Conductivity
- Low Weight Foil Design
- High Temperature Resistance
- Available with Dielectric/Insulation Layers
- Range of Thickness Options Available
thermally conductive phase change thermal interface material
50C Phase Change | Non-Dielectric
- Aluminum Foil Supported
- Graphite Filled Phase-Change (50C)
- Low Thermal Impedance
- Drop-in-Place TIM Pad Design
- Multiple Constructions Available
phase change coated kapton mt+ film thermal interface material
60C Phase Change | Kapton MT+
- Latest Generation of PCM Technology
- Manufactured with Kapton MT+
- Highest Performing Dielectric PCM
- Offers Low Thermal Impedance
- Multiple Die Cut Delivery Formats
aluminum foil coated phase change thermal interface material
60C Phase Change | Aluminum Foil
- Aluminum Foil Supported
- Offers Reliable Long-Term Performance
- Drop-in-Place TIM Pad Solution
- Multiple Substrate & Coating Options
- Available in Rolls, Sheets or Die Cuts
non-dielectric phase change aluminum foil thermally conductive
60C Phase Change | Non-Dielectric
- Aluminum Foil Supported
- Graphite Filled Phase-Change (60C)
- Low Thermal Impedance
- Drop-in-Place TIM Pad Design
- Multiple Construction Available
electrically conductive phase change material for electronic assembly
50C | Electrically Conducitve
- Electrically Conductive Phase-Change
- Offers Low Thermal Impedance
- Aluminum Foil Supported
- Selection of PCM Coating Thicknesses
- Multiple Die Cut Delivery Formats
thermally conductive pressure sensitive adhesive for heat sink mounting
Thermally Conductive Adhesive
- Thermally Conductive Pressure Sensitive
- Free Standing Film (standard)
- Substrate Options Available
- Offers Long-Term Reliable Strength
- Available in Rolls, Sheets or Die Cuts
TIMTEL Die Cut Converting Solutions
In today's thermal market, sometimes the right die cut delivery format is just as important as the thermal performance.  In addition to manufacturing, TIMTEL offers full in-house die cutting capabilities for our own manufactured thermal products. 

TIMTEL offers a range of pre-formed delivery formats including:

  • Die Cut Individuals (Prototypes of Production)
  • Multiple Die Cuts per Master Sheet
  • Die Cut Continuous Reels
  • Pre-dispositioned Pad Placement for Multiple Device Alignment
  • Laser Cut (ultra tight dimensional tolerance)

TIMTEL is setup to optimize your thermal material installation requirements.  Whether you are hand installing, using pick & place equipment or utilizing more sophisticated automated equipment methods, TIMTEL has the die cut converting capabilities to match your needs.

TIMTEL Thermal Material Design
We understand not always do our standard material constructions and thermal formulations meet a targeted specific device requirement. 

This is why we offer a range of customization all targeted to meet a customer requirement.  Whether this is through use of custom material constructions, combining existing TIMTEL Technologies, modifying thermal compound formulations or custom setups to our die cut converting processes, we look forward to working with you in order to plan and execute a targeted thermal solution that meets your full requirement.

Your Thermal Interface Material Solutions is Only Moments Away
Please browse through our extensive line of thermal management products.   For more information, questions or materials for evaluation, please contact us toll free at 1-888-989-3832 (USA) +1-949-369-7676 (International) or e-mail us at

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