thermally conductive thermal interface material for electronic module cooling

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Comprehensive Thermal Management Material Solutions
anisotropic thermally conductive graphite foils
Thermally Conductive Anisotropic Graphite Foils
IntraGraph Product Highlights

  • High In-Plane Thermal Conductivity
  • Low Weight TIM Foil Substrate Design
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Adhesive Backed Options
  • Available with Additional Dielectric/Insulation Layers
IntraGraph thermally conductive graphite foils offer a anisotropic design delivering high in-plane thermal conductivity while at the same time allowing for reliable thru-plane thermal performance.

Designed with surface softness in mind, all IntraGraph versions offer excellent surface compliance improving overall thermal performance.   As a low density foil, IntraGraph is ideal for applications requiring a light weight TIM foil solution or where high operating temperature stability is of the upmost concern.  This also includes full customization of multi-layer compositions that include various dielectric/insulation layers comprised of either PET, polyimide films, or thermally conductive silicone films/gap pads.

The ability to provide IntraGraph as a pre-formed die cut (drop-in-place solution) as well as with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing allows us to meet a wide range of applications from LED assembly, power inverters, microprocessor, laser diodes and electronics for medical device systems. 

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More Information and Support
Thermal material testing and support are critical when evaluating a potential new device design or thermal material. This is why at TIMTEL we offer full sampling, technical and material recommendation support. For more information, contact us toll free at 1-888-989-3832 (USA) +1-949-369-7676 (International)or e-mail us at for questions, recommendations or to request samples.